Edsahosting has set the standard for next generation Web hosting Solutions. Our customer-centric suite of services have quickly become the first choice of Small-Medium Enterprises, Webmasters, Developers, Designers and everyday Internet Users in the Philippines who are looking to leverage the power of the Internet.

Edsahosting is a Filipino-owned and operated company based in Manila, Philippines that has grown more than a decade. We provide all your web-hosting needs – from web design to domain name registration to server configuration and web server configuration including web mail auto-installation.

We have set the next generation of web hosting standard available today. Our customer-oriented team has become the choice of many individuals, small to medium enterprises (SME’s), professionals, organizations & internet users in the Philippines today.

We continuously update our hardware/software and we have the best technology equipment available. Our servers are located at a data center in California, Simi Valley optimized to provide any industry-leading web, data and applications hosting environments. The data center is specifically designed to stay up and running 24/7 and is protected from power surges or failure, physical intrusion and network outages by an extensive back-up power with cooling systems, multi-layered security and network redundancy and diversity.

Our team of qualified people ensures that we provide only the best customer service while our development team regularly upgrades our systems with up-to-date available technology.